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  • TGuard FingerGuard™


We are proud to offer one of the only products on the market that is designed specifically to break the finger sucking habit, called TGuard FingerGuard™. FingerGuard™, which can go on any two adjacent fingers, works the same way that ThumbGuard does: it disrupts the vacuum / suction that makes finger sucking so addictive.


To find out more about TGuard Technology, and how our products work to stop the thumb sucking habit, check out our TGuard Technology page.


Each kit comes with everything you need to stop the finger sucking habit. This includes:


  • 1 Ambidextrous FingerGuard appliance, that can be worn over any TWO adjacent fingers
  • 30 bracelets: fun to wear, and multi-colored, so children can choose a new color every day!
  • One set of instructions


SIZING CHART                               Age: 3 to 4      Age: 5 to 6         Age: 7+


Recommended Appliance Size           Small               Medium               Large


Please note that for children younger that 3, the small size can still be used.  HOWEVER, the success rate cannot be claimed to be 95%, because very young children are more likely to switch from thumb to finger sucking, or vice-versa, due to their habit not being fully matured.


If your child is between sizes, please see our “sizing guidelines FAQ”.


Why is FingerGuard recommended the most?


- FingerGuard takes less than 4 weeks to completely break the habit

- FingerGuard is made out of FDA-listed, medical grade plastic, and is manufactured in the USA

- It has success rate greater than 90%.  If worn correctly, the success rate is greater than 95%.

If you have any questions, please visit FAQs for more information.


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TGuard FingerGuard™

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