Stop thumb sucking, with TGuard AeroThumb.

TGuard has been breaking the thumb sucking habit in children for over 25 years..

TGuard has been the top choice of dental health experts since 1995 for addressing thumb sucking. Why? Because it efficiently and effectively helps break the thumb sucking habit, surpassing other products in the market and at a much cheaper cost than intraoral appliances.

a child's hand, wearing TGuard

Designed to be effective and comfortable. TGuard breaks the habit of thumb sucking while allowing your child to play freely.

Our FDA-listed, medical-grade material is designed to be soft and flexible, yet highly resistant to stretching. It strikes the perfect harmony between providing maximum comfort and ensuring durability, effectively aiding your child in overcoming thumb sucking once and for all. The greatest advantage? Unlike other devices that limit movement, our devices don’t prevent your child from eating, drawing, writing, or playing.



Air vents maintain a consistently cool and moisture-free environment during the entire thumb sucking treatment.



The flexible, ergonomic design ensures that your child comfortably breaks the thumb sucking habit with ease.

numbers on Tguard hand



Children enjoy selecting a new multi-coloured lockband every day! Each kit includes 30 wristbands in a variety of colours.



Instalocks offer more than just simplified adjustment; they provide peace of mind, assuring that the device is securely locked and cannot be removed.

How does the TGuard work?

It's simple:
Without suction, there is no pleasure..

From birth, children instinctively possess the natural inclination to suckle for nourishment. This act of sucking gradually becomes linked with feelings of warmth and comfort, ultimately leading to a sense of pleasure on its own.

Our thumb sucking guards allow the thumb to be in the mouth but effectively prevent the formation of suction, thereby eliminating the pleasure associated with the habit. As a result, children lose their motivation to continue thumb sucking. This sets our products apart from fabric thumb-sucking gloves available in the market. Our approach to thumb-sucking treatment proves to be highly effective, enabling children to break the habit swiftly and without any discomfort.

Why stop thumb sucking in the first place?

Thumb sucking may seem cute, but it can carry potentially serious consequences. Breaking this habit can be challenging. If left untreated, thumb sucking can lead to:

Prolonged sucking can have a significant impact on the development of both teeth and jaw, leading to a condition known as “malocclusion.” This issue is a matter of great concern as the corrective dental procedures needed to address it can be quite costly, ranging from hundreds to potentially thousands of dollars.

Whenever your child puts their thumbs in their mouth, they unknowingly introduce all the germs they have picked up since last sucking. Consequently, this can lead to frequent bouts of illness.

When children have their thumb in their mouth, they are less likely to interact with adults and peers, leading to a hindered social development

Thumb sucking becomes a convenient target for bullies, causing significant social trauma for the children involved. Moreover, the stress resulting from bullying compels these children to suck their thumbs even more, leading to a harmful and negative self-reinforcing cycle.

Thumb sucking can present significant health risks to your child, the extent of which is determined by the frequency and intensity of the habit. In less severe cases, the habit may lead to social isolation for your child. However, in more serious instances, it can result in extensive dental problems, requiring costly corrective dental procedures in the future, and even lead to long-lasting self-esteem issues.

TGuard AeroThumb stands out as the preferred choice among Health Professionals.

TGuard has garnered strong recognition from dental health professionals as an exceptionally effective device for breaking the thumb-sucking habit. It is the product they recommend the most.  Our customers agree TGuard works! TGuard will bring you the success of overcoming the thumb-sucking habit once and for all!

Dr. Laila Hishaw, DDS
Pediatric Dentist, Author.

“Aerothumb’s new design offers a superior device to cease thumb sucking for all ages. Various sizes, simplified adjustment and a flexible, contoured shape with air vents create more comfort for your patient and ease of adjustment for the caregiver. With consistent use, we can rely on cessation of a thumb sucking habit. Rave reviews of success from caregivers make for a win-win for our practice and those who rely on our recommendations.”

Dr. Jane A. Soxman, DDS
Diplomate American Board of Pediatric Dentistry.
“. . . I had the opportunity to give this kit [T-Guard] to a 12 year old child that has sucked his thumb from birth. His habit has caused a significant change in his oral structures. His mom has tried everything including a fixed orthodontic device which he was currently wearing. He had had it for several months – his mom reports that it did not slow him down a bit. After four days with your TGuard appliance, the mom called ecstatic with glee because her son stopped his habit. . .”
Dr. Jay Levitt, DDS
Pediatric Dentist.
“Even though my son was only 18 months old i wanted to stop his constant thumbsucking habit. i found your product through practicon dental supply. Initially i was very skeptical, but he quit sucking in about 3 weeks, the appliance was a little big for his hand but it still worked. Being a children’s dentist, i now have a relatively inexpensive resource for my patients.”
Dr. Perry Patel, DDS
Pediatric Dentist.
“I used your TGuard appliance on my six year old daughter. I had tried to curb her thumb sucking habit through educating her on its detrimental effects to her dentition. When she was willing to try and discontinue her habit, I tried using a fixed habit appliance. After 6 months with her fixed appliance she was still trying to suck her thumb. She was my toughest case. Then I used your TGuard thumb habit appliance. In 1 week I removed her fixed appliance. Within 3 weeks her habit completely stopped. Your appliance worked great. My daughter said it was comfortable and she found it highly effective in curbing not only her ability to suck her thumb, but also her desire to suck her thumb.”
Dr. Kyle Jackson, DDS
Pediatric Dentist.
Dr. Janie Chai, MD
Are you ready to break the thumb sucking habit today?
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