Circumference Chart

Sizing can be a tricky matter and it’s very important to get the right size in order to have a successful treatment. We recommend the table below for most children.

SIZE CHART: Age / WeightAge: 0 to 4 (under 18kg)Age: 5 to 6 (between 18 and 25kg)Age: 7+ (more than 25kg)
Recommended Appliance SizeSmallMediumLarge

While the table above will work for most children, if a child is in between sizes, the chart below may help to determine the right size. To use it, measure the circumference of the child’s thumb, right at the first knuckle (in the middle of the thumb). This can be done by measuring the length of a string wrapped around the knuckle only once.

SIZE CHART: Circumferenceless than 4cm / 40mmbetween 4cm / 40mm and 5.6cm / 56mmmore than 5.6cm / 56mm
Recommended Appliance SizeSmallMediumLarge


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