It’s quick and easy with the new AeroFinger.
Meet AeroFinger: Your ticket to breaking the Finger Sucking habit.
AeroFinger is a simple to use cover that fits over any two adjacent fingers, and is designed to break your child’s finger sucking habit in 30 days or less.


More Air Flow, for a cooler experience.

New ventilating holes provide additional airflow, keeping the skin cool, dry, and comfortable.

Ergonomic Design for Maximum Comfort.

Arched cutouts at the bottom of the channels hug the fingers without creating any pressure points. The device can be worn comfortably for long periods of time. We recommend removing the device just once a day, for cleaning. The soft, flexible plastic, and the ergonomic design, allows the AeroFinger finger glove to be worn for as long as it takes to break the habit, which is usually under 30 days.

Multi Coloured Bands: Security that's fun.

Each AeroFinger finger sucking treatment kit comes with 30 locking wristbands. Each band features a secure, locking rivet which cannot be opened once you’ve snapped it: you have to actually cut the bracelet in order to remove the device. Bright and multi-coloured, kids love choosing a new colour every day!

Stop Finger Sucking 1

So how does it work?

Suction is what drives the habit.
Our device is nearly impossible to remove, and has only one function: to disrupt the suction without impeding the child's use of their hands in any way. Made from a soft and flexible plastic, children can engage in all of the normal activities that they usually do, except for finger sucking.

After 3-5 days, the child's desire to suck is gone.
The device is worn continuously for 30 days, and removed only for cleaning once a day. After only 3-5 days of consistent treatment, most children will show signs that their habit is gone.

After 30 days, the device is removed.
After the first 3-5 days, the rest of the treatment is easy. By the 30 day mark, the device can be safely removed since the habit is totally gone. Then, you and your child can celebrate a life of beautiful smiles, without finger sucking!

OK, but why bother? It looks so cute when my child sucks their fingers!

Finger sucking is a dangerous habit, with real consequences if left untreated.
crooked teeth in circle picture
Sucking Fingers leads to dental problems.
Prolonged sucking of the fingers generates a force which over time, changes the shape of the mouth. This affects the growth of the teeth and jaws adversely, and can cost thousands of dollars in dental repair down the road.
child with fingers in his mouth
It can isolate the child.
Every minute spent sucking fingers, is a minute that could have been spent socializing with others. Over time, those minutes add up, and children who suck often can display signs of decreased social development.
sick looking boy
It can lead to an increased frequency of sickness.
The places that kids visit are covered in germs. By touching dirty surfaces, and then immediately sucking their fingers, children expose themselves to these pathogens which can make them sick.
sad looking boy in circle shape
Bullies love to tease those who suck fingers.
Let’s face it: kids can be pretty mean to one another. A finger sucker is an easy target for bullies, and because kids suck their fingers when they are stressed, getting bullied could be the start of a bad cycle that only gets worse.

Don't take risks when it comes to your child's health and well-being.

Take action now, and your child can thank you later.

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