Halfway through treatment: what should you see by now?

By now, your child should be fully cooperative with the treatment, and any signs of irritation or displeasure during use of the treatment appliances should have subsided (see our page, what can you expect?). Many children at this point even remind their parents to put on the appliance, because they are over the habit and are excited to be making progress.

How often does your child put their thumbs or fingers in their mouth? If you have noticed that they have stopped doing it, you can begin to have the child wear the device only at crucial moments, such as an hour before bedtime and during the night. If you still have doubts, continue wearing the appliances 24/7, because the last thing you want is to find out your child has been sucking their thumbs or fingers when the appliance was not being worn!

If you see any redness or irritation, it is likely due to condensation. Read our Using our Products: FAQ’s to learn more.


What should you see by now? 1

This page is based on the TGuard Treatment Coach series of informative and timely tips designed to help you break the habit, after you have purchased the kit.

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